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As Chief Judge and Consultant for the California State Fair Wine Competition, both commercial and for home winemakers, as well as the popular Consumer Wine Awards where the consumer is king, "Pooch" is often asked to provide information for these events. Curious about what it takes to judge wine? Want to see what a wine competition
looks like? Review these articles and videos for insights in the world of wine competitions.

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You be the (wine) judge at the 2011 Consumer Wine Awards
Saturday March 19 was a grey blustery day in Lodi, California.  A swarm of volunteers arrived at Hutchins Street Square around seven a.m. and began the set-up for a full day of un-corking and pouring and recording and glass washing....(article)
Published Mar 21, 2011,

Palate to the people: Wine competition lets the consumers
rate their favorites

Can I really taste oak and butter in my wine? What is really the point of swirling my wine glass around? Who cares if a glass of wine has legs? Those questions, among many others....(article)
Published Mar 21, 2011, Lodi-Sentinel

Bottoms Up! Wine Tasting 101
Can I really taste oak and butter in my wine? What is really the point of swirling my wine glass around? Who cares if a glass of wine has legs? Those questions, among many others, are what I set....(article)
Published Nov 14, 2010, Sacramento Press

Be Careful What You Wish For: You May Become One of Them
As the California State Fair HOME Winemaking Competition gears up for its annual Wine Judging at the Wine & Roses Hotel, Restaurant and Spa in Lodi on June 16th, 2010, it is amazing....(article)
Published July 2010, d'Vine, Vol 9, No. 54

Craig Haarmeyer of Sacramento's Revolution Wines is a relative newcomer who traded an IT job for his position as winemaker
His eyelids droop like vines that have seen too much sun, though since 2 a.m. he hasn't seen much other than the bottling line and barrels inside Revolution Wines' new midtown facility.....(article)
Published July 7, 2010, The Sacramento Bee

The Value of Wine Competitions Addressed at AAWE Conference
The value of wine competitions for wine producers may be in the advertising and promotion received by medal winners when comparing the cost of entry fees in relation to more traditional....(article)
Published June 28, 2010, Wine

State Fair Event in Lodi Lets Home Vintners Go for Gold
More than 6,000 glasses of wine were poured during Wednesday's Cal Expo State Fair Home Winemaking Competition at the Wine & Roses Garden Ballroom....(article)
Published June 17, 2010, Lodi News-Sentinel

A Hint of Hype, A Taste of Illusion
They pour, sip and, with passion and snobbery, glorify or doom wines.  But studies say the wine-rating system is badly flawed. How the experts fare against a coin toss....(article)
Published November 14, 2009, The Wall Street Journal

He's pouring it on for wine competitions
G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski certainly deserves to wind down with a glass of wine right about now. Sure, he's been surrounded...(article)
Published July 22, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

G.M. 'Pooch' Pucilowski: Wine educator and wine wrangler
Growing up in Flint, Mich., G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski said he didn't learn or know much about wine. "I didn't know the...(article)
Published July 16, 2009, Lodi News-Sentinel

Pros give tips and honors to the amateurs of winemaking
As winemakers and other wine experts tasted through flights of wines Wednesday, they jotted down notes for what...(article)
Published July 16, 2009, Lodi News-Sentinel

Home vintners submit to zinquistion
Wine and Roses' Garden Ballroom was filled with the scent of rich red wine and the sounds of clinking glasses and scratching...(article)
Published July 16, 2009,

It's another 38 acres of grapes for McManis Family Vineyards
Ron and Jamie along with their sone and daughter, Justin and Tanya, are the nucleus to one of the fastest growing wineries...(article)
Published July 15, 2009, The Manteca Bulletin

Lodi hosts State Fair home wine competition
Judges tasted nearly 1,000 homemade wines at the 2009 California State Fair Home Wine Competition on July 15 at the Wine & Roses Hotel and Spa in Lodi. (video)
Published July 15, 2009, Stockton Record

Wine: Temecula takes top honor at State Fair event
Bee News Services Buzz up!

It took some 32,000 glasses of wine and three days of judging before top honors were announced last week for the California...(article)
Published July 14, 2009, The Modesto Bee

Bloomfield Viognier Captures ‘Best of California'
Bloomfield Vineyards, a Brentwood-based winery owned and operated by Tom and Becky Bloomfield, announced today their...(article)
Published July 10, 2009, Top Wire News

Wine: Eat, drink and tarry at Grape & Gourmet
One of the most influential wine judging events took place last month. On Thursday, the public will have a chance to make its...(article)
Published July 07, 2009, The Modesto Bee

Peter Mondavi to receive Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Mondavi Sr. of Charles Krug Winery is one of three wine luminaries who will receive a Lifetime Achievement...(article)
Published July 02, 2009, Weekly Calistogan

Singled Out
We were chatting about wine festivals, my friend Anna Goehring and I. She's in the wine business as the marketing...(article)
Published July 1, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

Biba Restaurant in Sacramento - July 2009 Newsletter
For the past 10 years I have been a wine judge at the California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. This year...(article)
Published July 2009, Doctor's Corner

The best of the best in California wine and CA wine events:
the Grape and Gourmet

I'll admit it: I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about wine.  And food. And what foods go best with what wine....(article)
Published June 29, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

The best of the best in California wine and CA wine events:
the Grape and Gourmet

I'll admit it: I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about wine. And food. And what foods go best with what wine....(article)
Published June 29, 2009,

The Good Life: Let's Grape & Gourmet – and Wine & Dine
It's maybe the most common question from anyone who drinks wine, whether they're collectors or just folks who...(article)
Published June 24, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

Wine Buzz: Here come the judges
Day 2 of the California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition was ready to kick off. But first, chief judge G.M. "Pooch"...(article)
Published June 17, 2009, The Sacramento Bee

This "Pooch" Can Wine Taste!
In Northern California, vineyards, wineries and the wines they produce are a main stay of our economy. One of the elements of creating a successful wine is creating enthusiastic wine tasters who can appreciate all that goes into making wine...(article)
March 6, 2009, Sacramento Bee


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